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Orena Technology Co., Ltd. is a nanotechnology corporation, located in Guangzhou New Material Industry Base. Based on the integrated wire-gasify production line and related production technology with independent intellectual property rights, Orena committed to solve the nano/micro materials industry problems such as industrial production, the scale application, R&D of new materials. Products include nano/micron spherical powders of ally, metals and their compounds. The production technology are unique, the powder performance index reaches the world advanced level. With advanced production technology and strong R&D strength, the products has achieved industrial application in the functional materials, metal, 3d printing consumables, polymer modified materials, electronic materials, and other high-tech fields.

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Product Features: Particle size 30-100nm,Various Metal Oxides, Nitrides Nano-powder Intelligent Control 0 Pollution Automatic Sorting(Optional)
Principle: make a section of wire gasify by giving it an instant high-voltage direct current, and cool the gas to get Nano-metal paricles
Advantages: High purity and pollution-free powder preparation, easy to operate
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